Monday, January 19, 2009

We are loving our new little burrito.

Checking out the baby.
Cuddling with mommy and watching cartoons.
Haylee just wanted to love and comfort her mommy. It was really quite touching. She sure does love her mommy.
Grandma with her little burrito.
Aunt Heather.
The brothers.
They sure are happy together.
Hayden being a good big brother.
He has had plenty of experience.
Haylee is head over heels in love with her
new little brother. She couldn't wait to get
her hands on him.
So far, he is being an excellent big brother.
I know Erick is already thinking of the "fun"
things "they can get into"....oh I mean "do", as
Zach grows up.

3 thoughts to ponder from those I care about:

The Thompson's said...

YAYYY! we ARE SO EXCITED HE IS FINALLY HERE! BUT WE ARE so SAD WE COULDN'T BE THERE TO SEE HIM AS SOON AS YOU ALL DID! CAN'T Wait to come home to meet the little one! He looks adorable! YAYYY!

Katie said...

Hooray! Congratulations to the family, we can't wait to meet Zach.

Tracy said...

Oh, what SWEET pictures - I loved looking at them slowly and was smiling the whole time - Those four kids are just SO cute - Rick and Ali sure are lucky! (and you, and everyone else,too!) YAY!