Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What a day....

First of all, I'm going to start with last night. There is a sweet lady in our church who just recently lost her husband to Alzheimer's. While she was at the cemetery, she fell and hit her head. She had to get 6 stitches. To make a long story short, she needs people to come in and check on her. She is also diabetic and needs to eat at certain times or she will get sick. So last night, I took her dinner and sat with her for awhile. (I'm not sharing this for brownie points, I will share why in a minute....) Then this morning I took my mother in law in to have some outpatient surgery. She is doing great and everything went well. So, to the rest of today. I came home and found 3 sweet adorable kids. Erick was feeling much better. I guess he was up all night throwing up and whining. So, I got the following cute pics of the kiddos.

Then, Ali notices Erick's toe and thinks this might be what is making him sick....I have to say that I have included a pic of his toe, and if you get squimish....don't look. So, he wasn't feeling well and came and cuddled with grandma....I didn't realize how sick he was yet, so I was loving every minute of the cuddling. Then he got even worse.
And went to this..... If anyone knows Erick, the kid does not just lay down. He is full of energy. I think he looks horrible in this picture and it just makes my heart ache. As a parent, it is hard to watch your child be's worse for grandmas. He had a doctor's appt. at urgent care at 6:00p.m., but they left for the appt. at 4:30p.m. because they just wanted to get him there so they could see how sick he really was.
This isn't the best picture, but you can see how red and swollen it is. You can see the infection in there. We have no idea when or how he got his little owey. We didn't notice it until early afternoon. So, we are taking all the prayers we can get for this little guy.

We are still waiting for word on what the doctor has said. I have realized with the 3 experiences I have shared here in this post, that we can never take our health for granted. Take care of yourself. Be healthy.
Until further word........keep praying for him....thanks!!!!!
Edited to add: They are home and he is feeling a little bit better. The doctor drained the pus and is having it tested. She thinks it might be from playing in public playplaces. He's on antibiotics. Let's hope he doesn't throw it up now.

3 thoughts to ponder from those I care about:

Durbin Express said...

Hey so sorry that Erick was so sick. Infections can be so scary. I am glad he is perking up. He'll be in our prayers for sure.
Take care

Mirna said...

Prayers ? You bet!!! Did a spider get him? You sure can tell he isen't feeling well. Glad he got home, so he wasen't sick while on their trip.Give him more hugs from Grandma S.

Cory CL said...

Poor lil' guy! I hate when my kiddles are sick, especially with something that you don't know how to treat!
Prayers will be a coming!