Sunday, August 24, 2008

This crazy Blogging World.....

I have had so many mixed feelings lately about the crazy blogging world. I love it, but sometimes I feel like it comsumes too much of my time....I know some of you out there know exactly what I'm talking about....
I have "been introduced" ....I don't know how else to explain so many fun, creative, down-to-earth people through blogging and comments that are left on my blog.
I feel like these people could be my friends, and wish they would move next door.....maybe they wouldn't call the city and report that our truck blocks the sidewalk.....that is from a previous post if you don't know what I'm talking about. hee hee hee
I have found old friends that have moved away and I miss terribly. I love looking at their blogs and seeing pictures and reading stories of their lives. I still feel connected to them through their blogs, and when they comment on mine, I know they feel the same way.
Sometimes I feel like everyone just shares the "wonderful" things in their lives, and hides the boring, sad, and even mundane parts of their lives. I am included in that by the way.... But, then I read some posts of people who share their tears, and I cry with them through their blogs and feel their pain....and then keep them in my prayers. How would I know that that particular "friend" needed my prayers that day, if I didn't read her sadness on her blog that day???
I have been creatively inspired by others from their blogs and their talent, and then I run to my little creating space in the world, and try to create like they did, or similar to it at least. Then, I realize that I have been consumed by my "need" to create to the point I forget about more important things in my life. Things like reading my scriptures, writing in my journal, playing "roll" on the floor with Erick. Calling my mom on the phone and talking with her about nothing in particular if I don't want to.
Then, I blame by blog for this....HELLO ANDREA!!! I am the one that controls what I do with my time, and not this crazy blogging world.
I love blogging for the aforementioned reasons, I am just learning to have a good balance with "my world", and the "blogging world" I have joined recently.
I have no idea why I felt the need to "spill" all this into cyber space, but I did. I don't know if anyone out there can understand or even relate, but there it is for what it's worth.
To all those who are still reading this post, and those who have left comments of love and support, a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to you for touching my life in a positive way. Many of you are "old" friends, and many of you I have never even met. May friendships continue to unfold in the crazy world of blogging......Now I'm going to go read my scriptures....balance remember....he he he

3 thoughts to ponder from those I care about:

Tracy said...

Andrea - I just want you to know how wonderful I think you are. I understand completely and I really loved reading your thoughts. It's so wonderful to connect. Again, you have always been, and always will be very special to me. Love ya!

Nik said...

I have thought some of those same things sometimes. I enjoy hearing what everyone is up to and especially seeing pictures of your family. I was so happy to find your blog and think it's such a great way to keep in contact!!! Miss you guys.

JackieLou said...

Oh Miss Andrea... I know EXACTLY what you're saying. I've only been bloggin' for about I guess almost a month now. And I totally love it,I'm so hooked on it that I get on my desk almost every second that I am free & keep bumping every thing else at least 1 hr later until it gets to I'll do that tomorrow. And since I've only started not a lot of people really comment on my work that sometimes I end up feeling uninspired & discouraged with the whole bloggin' the art. I guess I also need to learn how to manage my time properly. And maybe then all will be well... Have a blessed night and the rest of the week. Oh just wanted to let you know I am one of your daily readers...