Thursday, August 7, 2008

I'm So HAPPY!!!!!!!!

I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted either Katee or Joshua to win So You Think You Can Dance.....{if you don't know who won yet and don't want to know.....don't read on....}
I am so happy that Joshua won. He seems so sincere and humble. I love the fact that he isn't trained and still danced so well. I know that there were a lot of amazing dancers on this show, but I'm so happy. I have loved watching Joshua dance from the get go. Woo Hoo!!!!
Now what will I watch on Wednesday and Thursday nights????? The fall line up needs to hurry and get here......oh wait.....that means going back to school and I'm just not ready for that I guess I will just wait.
Did I mention that I voted for Joshua over 100 times last night????? was fun too.....ha ha ha

1 thoughts to ponder from those I care about:

Mirna said...

I hope you diden't have to pay &1:00 for each vote. I think the 4 were all winners. Mom