Saturday, August 30, 2008

Birthday Celebrations

Yesterday my mother in law celebrated her 81st birthday. I think she looks great for being 81, don't you? This is her with her 3 great grandchildren. For her dinner celebration we all went to Portillo's. If you've ever had a Portillo's hot dog, you know why we choose it for a birthday dinner....They are delicious!!!!!!!!! I know this sounds crazy, but I love the smell of my fingers after eating one. MMMMMmmmmmm.
They also have a to-die-for chocolate cake. Perfect for any birthday celebration. Perfect ending to a perfect meal. Afterwards we went back to her house and hung out. I got a good cuddle from Erick and was lucky enough to have the camera in my hand. I love this little boy, he makes each day a happy day.
I love this picure of Erick and Grandma.
Happy Birthday Barbara. I hope you have many more!!!!

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Chris said...

Hi Andrea, I love all your fun pictures of MIL's birthday, looks like you had a great time and she looks amazing for 81. Congrats on becoming an SU demo and I hope that works out well for you. Hugs,Chris