Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pics of Dallas on the beach

So, this is going to gross some of you out, but when the water hit his feet....he started peeing. So, he is peeing in the water in this picture. (And you all thought the ocean was only full of fish poop....ha)
These pics aren't in order....sorry about that, but this is a picture of him playing with another Boxer. They had so much fun together. Dallas was truly in heaven here at the beach.
He was pulling us along with his leash.

Frolicking in the water. The water wasn't his favorite part of it though. He just tolerated it.
This Husky was beautiful, but not the friendliest dog. He was growling at Dallas, but he still wanted loose to go play.
Just chillin'.
This is where the pics are out of order. This is the boxer he was playing with in an earlier pic and Heather couldn't get his leash off fast enough. He was so exhausted when we got to the car. He saw a towel on the floor, laid his head on it, and he was out cold. He snored the whole way home. He literally took the saying "Play hard, or go home" literally. He played hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
P.S. That body in the background isn't too hard to look at either.......oops, did I post that????

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Heather said...

I LOVE my pup, and I LOVE the doggy beach!!!