Monday, July 14, 2008

My woe's of the day.....

Okay, so I'm going to have a little pity party right now. So, if you're not interested.....just skip on past this post.

I have had a nasty cough for about a month now....I don't like the doctors, so I avoid them until I can't anymore. Well, I couldn't anymore. I had been taking no avail. I had had enough, not to mention my husband has had enough as well. I haven't been able to sleep, due to frequent bouts of hacking up a lung. I finally gave in today and went to the doctors office.

I have acute bronchitis....are you ready for this???? Most likely brought on by an allergy to our new puppy!!!! This is where you all say....awwwww. So, I am now on all kinds of medicine to get better and this is where the pity party comes in.....I know you thought I already started didn't you???? I'm on steroids that make your appetite increase......oh happy day.....AND I can't go to the gym for 10 days. There goes the 22 pounds I just lost.

I know you are thinking, "why have a pity party when the doctor tells you NOT to go to the gym?", but I just started enjoying working out. Ten days away will make it harder to go back. Okay, so I'm done. I hope I got at least one pity point from someone out there. I'm done....for now at least.

P.S. The pup stays. I will just have to learn to live with this somehow. Any suggestions?????

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