Saturday, July 19, 2008

LeeLee finally meets Dallas....and the girls have a day out!!!!

My sister Lora ....aka Lee Lee....finally got to meet her that a word??? I don't think so, but that's what we'll call him. She has a boxer too and has been anxious to meet the newest member of the family. It was love at first sight, both ways..... Dallas was also happy to see Grandma again. He had so many kisses to pass around.
Erick with his great grandma Suppenbach. I thought this was such a cute picture.
And the girls are off on their adventure. My mom and sister came down to have fun with me for my birthday..... I still have a few more days until I'm older.....It was good to see them again. It had been way too long.
We wanted to try something fun and new for lunch, but I wanted to go to Aldo's or Gaby's at the Orange Circle, in Orange Ca., but it was so crowded and no parking.....onto the next thought.....oh wait...we didn't have one. So, we drove and ended up at a restaurant named Peppino's. It was okay. We were the only ones in the restaurant, so we figured it wouldn't be too much to ask the waiter to take a picture of us.

Mom's a big time quilter and was looking for some fabric to finish a quilt she's working on, so we went to some quilt shows. Mom was in heaven. It was fun to just be together!!! We needed a sweet treat, so off to Golden Spoon for some yummy treats. Okay, so a yogurt just isn't complete until it is covered with peanuts or almonds. So much for fat free....ha ha ha
Then we headed back to my house to "hang out" and play with Dallas. You can see that Dallas was glad to see LeeLee back, to give him a belly rub. They became instant buddies. Now we just need to get Uncle Danny over here to meet the new pup......
Giving kisses goodbye. Dallas is definetely a lover.
So, mom and Lora, are we going to wait another 5 months before we have a date day again???? I hope not.

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Mirna said...

What a great Day it was with my girls! It was good to see the great grand babies again and the boys, Heather and Ali, Amy we missed you and Hayden. yes I think LeeLee feel in love again today.
love ya thanks for the cards, and sending the pictures/ Mom