Thursday, July 24, 2008

Age is just a number ....... right?????

So I haven't posted in awhile because there really wasn't anything to ....bam!! I'm hitting the blog with 20 pics just like that.
Yesterday was my birthday.....that's where the age is just a number comes in. My beautiful Amy texts me yesterday with, "hey mom, you're 47 today." My reply was, "yeah, 3 years away from a half a century old." So, I will continue to claim that I am still 28. Instead of calling them birthdays, I prefer to refer to it as an anniversary of my 28th birthday. Sounds better don't you think???? What a fun day I had too. Trevor and Gary took the day off to play with me, and play we did!!!
I love this picture of Amy and Dallas and the one of Trevor and Amy. We took those yesterday while "playing".

My birthday actually started the night before, when Amy, Trevor, Gary and I went to Cheesecake Factory at the GardenWalk for dinner. Then we went to see The Dark Knight.....okay, I don't see what the big what to do is all about.....I'm glad I saw it, but WILL NOT be seeing it again. So, we didn't get out of the movie until 1:00a.m. That's why I say it actually started the night before. My birthday began while I was sitting in the movie theatre watching Batman. Then we got up the next day.....and YIPPEE I got to go back to the gym. My 10 days away is up and Gary and I went and worked out. We came home, took showers and then Trevor joined us and we went to Lazy Dog Cafe for lunch, then off to Disneyland. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new Toy Story ride and just wanted to go ride that one ride.....ahhh the joys of having a Disneyland pass. Trevor wasn't too excited to stand in line for an hour for one ride, but you can see he was happy to ablige.....Thanks Trevor I sure do love you.
After waiting in line for 45 minutes in the sweating heat, we got to ride the ride. Gary and I in the 4-D glasses you wear during the ride. (Bowing my head humbly as I say this, I kicked Gary's my highest score yet. woo hoo)
Then, I was just so happy from ...... winning.... I asked Gary to take this silly picture. In the background is the rollercoaster ride with Mickey, but I put my head where Mickey's was and it looks like Mickey's ears are mine. Just being silly.After Disneyland we went home and loaded up for an absolutely wonderful time at the park. Heather, Jeff and Amy work right by this beautiful park in Irvine, so I thought it would be fun to just meet them there and have a picnic for dinner instead of going out to a restaurant. I was greeted with these beautiful flowers. They were a gift from my granddog, Dallas. Thanks Dallas. Daisies are my favorite flowers and it was full of them. He also gave me a card that said, In dog years, and then you open it up and it says......You're dead. Loved it.

I thought this was cute, Haylee brought her own stuff for a little picnic of her own. She has been into tea parties lately and brought it with her.....Little gotta love 'em.
We just had a fun time hanging out together and being a family.

We went to the playground and Dallas thought he was one of the kids. He would run up and slide down the slide with the kids. It was really funny to watch. The following pic is Dalls and Erick wiping out together on the slide.

The funniest thing though was when the kids were swinging. Dallas would try to jump up at them, and as he came down he would flip over. He loved it and so did the kids. He was crazy!!! We had taken a volleyball to the park to play a game, and when we came back from the playground a family was walking up. They saw our volleyball and asked if they could play with us, so we played a game with them. It was fun. They were a very nice family. They were also from Anaheim and had family visiting from Boise, Idaho. The picture below is Erick and I saying "Yes" because we had just hit the ball over the net.
We had a great time. Never did get their names though. Look at how pretty the sky is in this picture. So pretty. The next few pics are of us just hanging out and having fun.

Me eating my Birthday Cheesecake. "Yummy in the tummy" as Erick says. We had a great time and all commented that we need to do that more often. The only bummer about the whole day, is that Hayden was missing. If you are reading this Hayden, I love you so much and miss you terribly. I can't wait to throw my arms around your sweet little neck when you get home and just SQUEEZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Mirna said...

WOW! What a great day for you Pandie, and your family. You are looking so good! Glad you get to go back to the gym. That's where I'm going here in a few. Love all the pictures! Everyone looks so happy! Happy is good! Hugs to all. Grandma S.

Stamp Your Art Out said...

Hey Andrea :0) You just won the candy on my blog. Please contact me at to give me the details as to where to send your prize. Congratulations and I hope you enjoy it :0)