Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A fun Halloween night

I think this is the first time in 30 years we weren't home on Halloween to pass out candy. We decided to go to Wildomar and trick or treat and have fun with the grandbabies. I mean isn't Halloween for kids anyway??? I guess big kids like to participate too.

Anyway, do you see why I am willing to drive an hour to spend time with these guys? Look at all the loving I got when I got there. I love these kiddos. 3 of my favorite boys that's for darn sure.

I brought some games for Halloween that I thought the kids might enjoy playing. Haylee didn't want anything to do with any of it, but the boys had fun.
I put some candy corn in a bowl, gave the kids a plastic spoon, and a bucket. They put their bucket at the other end of the room, and they had to get some candy corns in their spoon and run across the room with the candy corn in their spoon and dump it in their bucket. The first one to fill up their bucket won.

Here they are filling up their spoons, with little Zach watching closely.

Running to fill up their buckets across the room.
It ended up being a tie....very convenient don't you think? wink wink.
When they were done, Zach took one of the spoons and started filling up "his" bucket....his mouth. hahahaha
The other game we played was wet and a lot harder to play. We filled up a container with water and I had some plastic pumpkins. I blindfolded them and gave them a slotted spoon and put them in front of the pumpkins and they had one minute to see how many pumpkins they could get out. They thought this was going to be sooooo easy, until I put the blindfold on and they couldn't see anymore. We had some good laughs.
This is Hayden giving it a go.
I think he got two out total.
Erick giving it a try.
He found one. You'll notice his other hand is all wet....he was cheating by using it and feeling around for the pumpkins...had to give him credit for thinking of that....silly kid.
Then Zach took a turn without the blindfold. He had more luck....wonder why? But, he just had fun playing in the water. We had to totally change everything on him when he was done. He was dripping wet.
Trevor and Amy started carving the pumpkin later. I love Trevor's ewwy gooey hand.
Haylee came in to help.
So did Hayden.
And then Erick.
The completed pumpkin. Good job Trevor!!!
Then we got ready for trick or treating. Haylee was a witch again. She did her own make up, don't you love those cheeks? So beautiful!
This was Amy and Hayden. Zach did NOT like these masks. Hayden tried to hold him and he just turned away saying Uh uh. He wanted no part of it. Can't say I blame him.
Zach in his cute little dalmation again.
Even Dallas dressed up. I think it lasted a whole 5 minutes. He was not too thrilled to be a "HOT" dog!!!!
I had to take a picture of the street we were trick or treating on. Yep, Elm St. Luckily we had no nightmares....on Elm St.
Erick and his friend Nathan coming back from a house trick or treating. They were so funny because they would run back yelling, "We said thank you".
Little Zach and his little friend Ryan got to travel in style in the wagon with Daddy pulling them. It was so cute because Ryan would feed Zach candy as they were going.
Look at all that candy!!!!
We were sitting in the family room talking and I heard something behind us and looked and found Zach swimming in Dallas' water. He had dumped the water bowl on the floor and was literally trying to swim in it on the floor.....again...we had to change him because he was dripping wet. It was pretty funny.
We had such a good night. I just love being with the grandkids. I wish Jeff, Nicole and our little Duck could have joined us, then it would have been the perfect evening. Maybe next year.
So now we are on to November. Crazy huh?
I do still have some cute pictures to post of when we went to a pumpkin patch. Soon!

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Heather Thompson said...

Man...that picture of Zach "swimming" in Dallas' water KILLS ME! I can't look at it without smiling! Love them!