Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Erick's reptile party

Wow! Can you believe it, Erick's 5 years old already? Where has time gone? He had quite the birthday party too. He invited his kindergarten class and friends from church and most of them showed up. It was a FULL house, but tons of fun. It was definetely a memory that he will not soon forget.
They had a couple come with tons of Reptiles and a nasty surprise I will show you later....ugh...come and share with all the kids and their parents. There was face painting as you can see here on Erick's adorable face. And Haylee's....
And Ali made this adorable snake cake.
He started out with some Iguanas. They were huge.
The kids got to be hands on with all the reptiles and they loved it.
Here's a close up....Better be careful kids, he looks like he would eat a small child....hahaha
Then out came the snakes....(Grandma hates snakes....that is one of my fears)
Then he brought out bigger snakes....( I hate snakes)
You'll notice Erick kinda feels the same way Grandma does, he isn't sitting on his chair anymore....that's my boy Erick.
Hayden didn't seem to have a problem holding it though. He's tougher than me and Erick I guess.
Then what happens????? The guys brings out an even bigger snake. He asks Erick who he would like to help him hold it. Erick scans the room looking around.....zones in on Grandma's fearful face.....and PICKS ME!!!! Are you crazy Erick??? Did I not share with you my fear of snakes???? Now, I can't show that fear to him at his reptile party. I want him to have fun and touch them, I just don't want to touch them. So Grandma sucks it up, and out of the much LOVE that I have for Erick, I help him hold the snake. I was a little apprehensive at first.....
but I knew if I didn't hold it, Erick wouldn't either so we faced our fear together. That was complete and total LOVE for that boy. He owes me BIG TIME now.
More creepy crawly things. Hayden is loving it.
Then out comes a 120 lb. tortoise. It was pretty big.
The kids all couldn't wait to get their hands on it.
Then he brought out another one that was the size this one was when it was a baby. What a huge difference.
Now on to the surprise. Since when do Madagascar Cockroachs count as Reptiles????? Now, I don't care how much I love Erick, I wasn't going to hold one of those things.....NO WAY!!! In fact, I made the comment that if one of those got loose, I was gonna have to step on it.
Luckily Erick didn't have a problem holding it all by himself. Whewww!!!
Then a turantula....I have no idea how to spell that...sorry. He wouldn't let the kids hold the spider. The just got to peek from a distance with this one.
Then a gecko. He was NOT happy. The kids touched his feet to see how the feet are so clingy.
This is Erick with his friend Vinnie from school.
More lizards.
Then this ugly thing. I don't even remember what it was. I think some sort of lizard.
I love how Erick's hand is cautiously on the guys shoulder, like he's ready to take off running if that thing gets loose.
Then out comes the Grand Finale. This great big huge 150 lb. Python....
I love the happy face on Erick. He really was having a good time.
Now Rick gets to hold it. Have fun Rick!!!
Family picture time with the snake. Haylee wasn't having any part of it. When we told her to go get her picture taken with the snake, she said NO WAY!! When we told her she didn't have to touch it, just sit there she was fine.
Gary wouldn't get in this photo. That thing was heavy too.
Okay, on to the fun stuff.....The cupcakes. Zachary has the right idea.
Then present opening time. He got lots of fun toys from his friends.
Getting loving from dad.
It was an eventful party that's for sure. I'm glad I didn't have to clean up after that one. But what a memory!!!!!
Happy Birthday Erick!!!
We love you!!!!

2 thoughts to ponder from those I care about:

Katie said...

That is quite possibly the coolest little boy birthday party I have ever seen! I bet those kids were in heaven! I just might have to remember this post a few years from now.

Mirna said...

Wow!Some people have such creative minds. Like I told Ali on FB> A party Eric {and everyone there} won't soon forget.