Monday, December 28, 2009

Some Christmas Memories

I love this picture of Zach and Dallas. Dallas is sooooo patient with Zach. Zach just loves to be around Dallas and do fun things like....pull his ears, tug at his jowls, pull on his stub of a know things dogs just hate, but Dallas never growls or snaps at him. Dallas will look over at us sometimes like, "are you going to stop him?" Zach steals his bone, and Dallas just looks like "are you gonna give that back?"
Cuddle time.
Rick, Ali and the kiddos spent the night on Christmas Eve. They are getting ready to open their new christmas jammies.
In their mathcing jammies. Don't they just look like they have mischief on their minds????

Erick starting the present opening on Christmas morning.

Zach's first Christmas. He is getting ready to open his very first Christmas morning present.

Uncle Trevor was the man this year with the kids. He got them some amazingly fun things for Christmas. He is reaping the rewards with lots of thank you hugs. He truly did deserve those hugs.

More hugs for the Easy Bake oven. Every little girl should have an easy bake oven.

Haylee's taking after Grandma and like to scrapbook, so I got her her own supplies. I can't wait to see her beautiful creations. This girl is very creative and talented.
I think he likes it.
We had a great Christmas. Having kids around on Christmas is just the best thing ever. The joy and happiness on their faces just makes everything about Christmas that much better. I have tons more pictures from Heather's camera too. I will post those later.....just in case you didn't get enough from this post.....ha ha ha

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