Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ho Ho Ho....Ha Ha Ha....

I think one of the funniest and will be the most talked about moments on Christmas Day was towards the end of the day. Ali's birthday was on Monday, the 28th. Heather, Amy & Trevor all went in on a gift for Ali's birthday, and Heather had asked Trevor to wrap it for them. While Trevor was in the back room wrapping Ali's gift, he had this brainstrom....and what a brainstrom it was.
Everyone decided that it was time for Ali to open her birthday present....on Christmas night....and Trevor says for everyone to wait...he has a surprise. He comes running down the hall with 3 more presents and tells the kids that they still have one more present to open. He tells them to sit in a row and face a certain way and that they have to open their presents at the same time. The whole time he is doing this we are all thinking .... wow Trevor when did you pull off getting these gifts. I thought he had already been amazing with his gifts, and was even more amazed at what he was doing now. So, the kids open their gifts all at the same time....and it turns out that all Trevor had done was rewrap gifts they had opened doesn't sound as funny reading it as it was being there....but it was so hilarious. Hayden picked up on it right away, you can tell by the look he is giving Trevor in the picture. Haylee was a little confused saying, "what? now we have 2 giga balls." And Erick, he was so excited to get Twister....he was totally clueless.
We got a great big laugh out of that one. Trevor was laughing so hard, and so was I. I love his sense of humor, such a fun guy to have around. Then we got down to business and Ali opened her gift.
I think she likes it.

Erick had the right idea when it was time for dessert. Forget the bowl and spoon, just go straight at it with the container and scooper. That boy is truly a Thompson!!!!

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