Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Big Kahuna

This blog post might need some explaination, so here it is. We have some very dear friends "The Kailiponi's". Gary loves to tease them about having more kids {for those of you who don't know them, it is all in fun}. He will call them and leave a message from "The Big Kahuna"....{all part of the joking and fun} and tell them that they still have more babies waiting to be born into their family. He has been doing this now for years.....again, all in fun!!! So, on his 50th birthday they brought him this cute little cake. You can only see that it says "Big Kahuna" on it. Well, the whole message reads...."The Big Kahuna has spoken". Esther, their youngest daughter was also wearing an I'm the Big Sister t-shirt. I kept pointing the t-shirt out to Gary saying, "are you seeing this t-shirt Gary?"
He finally got the message they were delivering, and the picture below you can see his reaction. Woo-hoo, the Kailiponi's are expecting a new little one in September and we couldn't be more excited for them.
The "Big Kahuna" celebrating his joy. He says he can now rest in peace. His work is done.

4 thoughts to ponder from those I care about:

Tracy said...

THAT POST JUST MADE MY DAY!!! What a cute story! Gary is so funny - and Yay for the Kailiponi's! They need a blog!!! Tell Gary to bug them about that now - since he can't bug them about another baby!!

Case Family said...

This made me laugh. So funny!! We are so excited that they are having another baby and hope its a boy!! :) Tell Gary, great job!!

Katie said...

Uh oh...Now he is going to need a new target...I hope I have immunity for at least a year :)

Andrea said...

OMGosh Katie....I laughed when I read your comment. I think you can relax for a few weeks...okay maybe more like