Monday, July 14, 2008

So much to learn

As you can see, I have a new look on my blog. I am still learning so much about blogs....and having fun doing it!!! Last night Jeff and Nicole came over for dinner and Nicole has a here to see it, and she helped teach me and Ali how to add and do things to our blogs. We all three actually learned some things together.

Ali (click here to see Ali's blog) and I also went on some friends blogs and found blogs of old friends that we haven't seen in a much fun.

This blogging thing is so nice to be able to share your lives with family and friends. Lora, I'm just waiting for you and Danny to jump on this blogging thing. I would love to see pics of your life.

I have some adorable pics of Dallas at the dog beach. Heather, Trevor and I went to the dog beach in Huntington Beach on Saturday and Dallas had so much fun. It was so cute to watch him just run around and play with other dogs. When Heather gets home and I can download the pics I will post them.

2 thoughts to ponder from those I care about:

Lora D said...

Pandie, I love reading your blog pg. (I also love Ali's and Nicole's) As for me doing one for Danny and I. There really is no need. We don't have a life. With Danny working nights and me days. We don't really do much. All our blog page would be filled with Baxter and Ginger. It would get really old after a day or two. I'm really looking forward to see you this weekend and getting to meet Dallas. Don't let me leave Sat. until we have set a date to have you guys out for a pool/bbq party. Love you so much Odye/LeeLee/Lora

Lora D said...

Oh, I also can’t wait to see picture’s of Dallas at the dog beach. I’m having flash backs of Baxter’s First time… SO MUCH FUN… I don’t know which one Baxter's loves more the Beach or the Snow…